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Where’s Bilbo Baggins?

Posted by on July 11, 2018

We worked up quite an appetite walking around Muckross House and Gardens, so we decided to head into Killarney for some dinner.

I happened to see a sign on the way into town advertising a Lord of the Rings themed pub. Being a huge J.R.R. Tolkien fan, I could not pass it up. I was really excited to see if it was truly an authentic Middle Earth establishment.

The Shire is a unique one of a kind pub in downtown Killarney. It definitely stands out from all of the other restaurants and bars in the city. You can’t miss its black with gold lettering front among the surrounding buildings. Excitedly, we ventured inside.

You enter the rounded front doors and are instantly transported to the Prancing Pony in Hobbiton. A sign declaring “No one allowed except on party business” hangs over the counter. Take heed and prepare for a fun time! As you walk back into the bar, you can order Bilbo’s Beer, Gandalf’s Ale, or Frodo’s Lager. If you’re hungry, and daring, you can continue back into Mordor. Yes, you can simply walk into Mordor!

Elijah and I ordered The Two Towers. These burgers lived up to their name. I could barely finish  mine. 100% dragon meat (maybe). Elijah has a hobbit appetite, so quickly finished his. Mish opted for a more spicy burger and ordered The Fires of Mordor. She needed a cold cider to wash it down. I tried to not say “One ring to rule them all” when I ate each onion ring. The Tolkien puns kept coming.

The Shire was a wonderful unexpected treat. The food was good and plentiful, the staff was very friendly, and the atmosphere was over the top! We had a great time. It was ENTertaining! (ugh!)

They are expanding too! We will have to go back to see the new addition. One more reason to re-visit Ireland!

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