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We arrived in Ireland (eventually)!

Posted by on June 19, 2018

Budget family traveling is good for your wallet but bad for your back and sleep.

Mish got us a good deal on airline tickets to Ireland, so she booked them. The only problem was that there are no direct flights from San Jose to Dublin, so we were forced to take an indirect route. I tried to remember our family motto, “Life is a journey, not a destination.” In this case, however, I kept thinking of the destination the whole trip. Are we there yet?


We left Monday for San Jose, where we spent the night so we would not miss our early morning flight. From San Jose, we had a short hour flight to Las Vegas. Elijah really liked the five-hour layover. We had a chance to explore the infamous Vegas Strip. We dodged the 94° C heat in and out of casinos. We had not been in Las Vegas for over 10 years, so much had changed. The casinos are in their own way impressive, in an over-indulgent gaudy sort of way. They seem to get more elaborate each time we go. Other things in Sin City hadn’t changed, like people gambling away at all hours of the day. I am amazed that people apparently fail to see that logically the casinos bring in far more money than they pay out. That is why they can afford to build those outrageous themed monstrosities. Oh well, it’s not my money.


After walking and gawking we headed back to the airport for the long flight to London. We spent 10 hours on a 747-400. Despite the size of the aircraft, it got really small after a while. The flight was very smooth until we went over Greenland. We hit some pretty hard turbulence that left me a little frazzled. I was very glad to touch down at Gatwick.


We waited another hour layover and then, finally, boarded good old Ryanair for Dublin. We have traveled on this Irish no-frills airline several times. Their fleet is composed of all new Boeing 737’s but stripped to the most minimal possible. I think if they could make you stand, they would. Cheap and reliable.

Finally, after almost 20 hours of traveling, we walked off the plane and onto Irish soil! Now our real family adventure begins!

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