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“Nothing would be more tiresome than eating and drinking if God had not made them a pleasure as well as a necessity.”  ~Voltaire


1. Indulge!

You travel for the experience, and eating is an experience. First rule of traveling: Try everything. We find that most hotels have buffet breakfast, which can be quite good. So, we fill up in the morning and snack our way through the day on all of the local delicacies. Usually, by dinner time, we are ready for a light-medium meal. This way we enjoy trying new food, but only pay for one meal out a day plus snacks.

2. Picnics are the best

With children, picnics can be the best type of meal. We like to buy some fresh bread, cheese, cold meat, and olives and sit outside somewhere nice and enjoy the scenery. The boys can fidget without getting into trouble (too much) and my wife and I can relax. No hassles, no menus, no waiting – perfect!

3. Peanut Butter and Jelly Still Rule

When we are trying to be more frugal, which is most of the time, we pack jars of the good-old American standard, Skippy and Jiff (or whatever brand is available). They do not need to be refrigerated or cooked. We buy a loaf of fresh bread from a local bakery and make PB &J’s. They taste amazing on warm fresh bread! Nutritious, inexpensive, and tasty!

4. Pack Water

Traveling is thirsty work. Keeping hydrated is important for several reasons. Continually buying drinks out adds up quickly. Plus, I do not trust public water sources everywhere (I contracted cholera in Central America). We each have our own water canteen that we carry and rinse and refill whenever possible.

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