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The Most Haunted House in Ireland

Posted by on July 6, 2018

On the end of the Hook Peninsula in County Wexford sits a desolate old mansion that locals say is haunted by the Devil.

Loftus Hall, formerly Redmond Hall, has a long and turbulent past. We had not even heard of it, so were not planning on visiting. Elijah, however, learned of it from researching haunted sites in Ireland. The Hall has been the subject of several paranormal documentaries, books, and horror movies. So, naturally, he really wanted to go and see for himself. Since it was near the Hook Lighthouse, Ireland’s oldest functioning lighthouse and second oldest in the world, we decided to stop by. We never know where our family adventures will take us!

Loftus Hall wasn’t open until later, so we went to the Hook Lighthouse first. The lighthouse is impressive, it was much bigger than we expected. The current structure has stood for 846 years. We had a casual little second breakfast at the cafe overlooking scenic Wexford Harbor and then walked around the grounds.

Elijah, however, was impatient to get to the main attraction. He had read some intriguing stories about Loftus Hall and was ready to experience it himself.

This is one of the stories surrounding The Hall:

“It is for many years said to have been visited by the Devil, so many people from the surrounding area are nervous to enter the place after dark. Legend has it that during a storm at sea, a dark stranger approached the Hall on horseback after his ship was driven into nearby Slade Harbor with rough seas. He was invited in to seek shelter and spent some days with the Tottenham Family who were living at the Hall at the time. The young Lady Anne Tottenham was especially taken with this dark stranger and fell head over heels for him. One night during a card game, she dropped a card and upon bending down to retrieve it, she noticed that this dark stranger had cloven hoofs instead of feet. As soon as he realized what she had seen, he shot through the roof in a ball of flames.Anne never recovered, she went into a state of shock and madness and her family locked her in the tapestry room for fear that anyone would see her.She died a couple of years later, still quite young, but her death was no release as servants and family members reported seeing her wandering through the house at night. The family had the local catholic priest Fr. Broaders exorcise the Hall but he could not exorcise the tapestry room.”

We took the plunge and went on a tour. The guide was very good, good at keeping us scared. I’ll admit, I don’t believe in ghosts, but the place is more than a little creepy. You are not allowed to take pictures inside, so you’ll need to go see for yourself. You can also watch The Lodgers on Netflix to see the hall (Disclaimer, the story is not real, just the setting.).

We left Loftus Hall and headed for Kinsale in County Cork. Kinsale will be the first place we re-visit in Ireland. We were there 10 years ago and are anxious to see it again.

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