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Tagged With: Family

We arrived in Ireland (eventually)!

Budget family traveling is good for your wallet but bad for your back and sleep. Mish got us a good deal on airline tickets to Ireland, so she booked them. The only problem was that there are no direct flights from San Jose to Dublin, so we were forced to take an indirect route. I … Continue reading »

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Back to Europe we Go!

The Irish hills are calling… The school year is almost over! We have just two more days! Students think that they are the only ones anxious for summer vacation. We are FINALLY heading back across the pond! We are flying into London next week. I remember 12 years ago when we first made the trip … Continue reading »

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Happy Thanksgiving!

To all of our fellow world family travelers, we hope you are safe, happy, and together this holiday. We are actually going to have a traditional Thanksgiving feast this year! Turkey with stuffing, mashed potatoes, cranberry sauce, string beans, and pumpkin pie! I am already starting to fast to make room for all of it. … Continue reading »

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The Seattle RV Show

Family Travel on the Open Road! This weekend is the Seattle RV show! Being avid “RV’ers,” we couldn’t wait to go. Summer is coming and we are anxious to get on the open road of family vacation (see our Oregon adventure or our Olympic Peninsula adventure) . We are on our third RV and thinking of … Continue reading »

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The Eagles Have Returned!

Bald Eagle Watching in Washington If you are looking for something to do during the cold, wet season in the Pacific Northwest of the United States but still want to get outside, then we found an amazing family adventure, Bald Eagle watching! Every year from about mid-November to late February along the Skagit River in … Continue reading »

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Autumn is Here!

“O hushed October morning mild, Thy leaves have ripened to the fall; Tomorrow’s wind, if it be wild, Should waste them all.” -Robert Frost   Today is the first official day of fall! Even if you did not know that yesterday was the autumn equinox, you can still feel that summer is quickly fading and … Continue reading »

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Road Races

Summer Family Fun The sun is shining in a deep blue sky here in the Pacific Northwest. Infinite shades of green paint the forests where rivers loudly cascade over waterfalls and gently glide past old growth cedars clad in moss. Crystal clear lakes reflect majestic snow-capped mountains. Alpine meadows are ablaze with color from wild … Continue reading »

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