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Pub guide to the U.K. Amazingly, the thing that we miss the most about England is the pubs. Pubs, an abridged term for public house, are unique establishments to the U.K. Despite places in other countries, including the U.S., claiming to be pub-like, they fall short. There really is not anything quite like a British … Continue reading »

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Medical Systems Abroad

  Hospitals around the world In the United States there seems to be a perpetuated myth that other countries have free health care. Somewhere, some people have it better than us. We want something for nothing too. If they can have it, then why can’t we? The problem with this myth is that it is … Continue reading »

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England, here we come!

Chapter 1 Where to start… Our life is good. We feel very blessed all of the time. Sure, we have our problems and down moments, but in general, we are pretty happy, content, and optimistic. That is why I decided to rock the boat. Both my wife and I are educators. After my seven years … Continue reading »

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