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FIRST Robotics Competition

Let the games begin! I’m right now watching the preliminary rounds of the First Robotics Competition regional event at the University of California Davis. I’ve never been to a robotics competition before, but was asked to help out with the team from my school, Carmel High School. Being a science geek, I was intrigued and … Continue reading »

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Playing with Fire

Elijah helping me out in the classroom Elijah really likes science, especially when he gets to blow things up! I was trying to determine the optimum ratio of hydrogen to oxygen in a balloon that would make the biggest bang. I think we found it. This is why I teach science instead of Literature. Seriously, … Continue reading »

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The Eagles Have Returned!

Bald Eagle Watching in Washington If you are looking for something to do during the cold, wet season in the Pacific Northwest of the United States but still want to get outside, then we found an amazing family adventure, Bald Eagle watching! Every year from about mid-November to late February along the Skagit River in … Continue reading »

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Summer Camps

This summer has turned out to be the camping summer. We normally do everything together as a family, but as our boys get older we believe giving them some independence is also important. Plus, mom and dad like quiet time alone too. So, we agreed to send the boys to different camps this summer. They … Continue reading »

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Summer Reading or How to Prevent Brain Drain

Now that the traditional U.S. school year has ended, we begin the annual balancing act of entertaining our boys while trying to maintain a level of educational learning (or at least preventing the loss of everything they learned during the year). Both boys have at least four weeks of camps planned for the summer, including … Continue reading »

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Internationally Educating Students

OK, you are all set to go abroad and have everything figured out! At least you think so. Job secured, check. Passports obtained, check. Visas granted, check. One way airplane tickets purchased, check. Luggage purchased and packed, check. Place to stay, check. Education for the children planned, oops. Where are they going to go to … Continue reading »

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Deschooling Education

My youngest niece graduated from high school yesterday with plans to continue her education at the local community college. I am very proud of her accomplishment. This grand milestone leads me to ask a fundamental question about education. What are the tools a child needs to find success in education? There is a plethora of … Continue reading »

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To School or Not to School?

Today, we are off to see our oldest son, Aaron (15), compete in the county track championships here in western Washington. He is only a 10th grader, but on the varsity high school team. He runs a 4:38 mile and is hoping to break 10:00 minutes in the 2 mile. Yes, we are proud of … Continue reading »

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German Rigidness

Chapter 2 German education is very German Where the British education system is tightly controlled by London, Berlin mostly stays out of German education. In many ways, the German system is similar to ours. The states (or Länder) have the primary authority in education. Therefore, just as in the U.S., education can vary radically from … Continue reading »

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Education in England

Chapter 5 The British education system is different. I taught science at a public college in Corby, England, called Brooke-Weston. All students still wear uniforms with ties (usually of their school colors with a school crest). Teachers are expected to dress professionally also, with male teachers wearing ties and female teachers encouraged to wear skirts … Continue reading »

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