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Elijah’s Page

Life in the middle of Middleton in the middle of the U.K.

elijah sheep

Never under estimate a lamb! Let me backup, in Middleton (that’s the name of our village) you can climb in to any pen or field and feed and pet the animals in there. No one minds.

On my last day in England, I went to my favorite field, the lamb field. When I was coming back a shy lamb walked up to me and before I could do anything it leaped at me. It hit me right in the chest and I fell back. I was only 6 when it happened so I hit the ground hard, but I did not mind. He stood on me for a little bit then laid down on me. We were like this for a while and I could not believe he was this brave. After a while he jumped off and walked to his mother.

elijah horses

When I became famous at my school everyone knew me, even the grades way higher and lower than mine. My school was Cottingham Elementary. It held grades 1-6 and I was 2nd grade. The school was a tiny village school and every one was 100% English except me. I remember coming in and kids were boasting that they were 1% American till I said I was American, Irish, and Belgium. Then even the principal made me his favorite student. I became every ones friend and everyone wanted me to be their partner. I was even asked to tell the class about America.

elijah ponies

I love English pubs! They are a restaurant and bar and welcome to all ages. My favorite pub was the Red Lion. It even had a few rooms for people to stay for the night. There was a tiny park with a swing in the back. In Middleton there are 3 pubs: the Red Lion, the Royal George, and the Golden Eagle. The Royal George has a beam we sat under that was 800 years old! The lower lounge was built in 1261 and the bar was built in 1500.

Red Lion Pub

The economy isn’t the best, but I like the U.K.  I think I should stop now but next up is Germany and the never ending blizzard. Now you should be going on with your lives now that…WAIT! I forgot weird things have been happening in the weather, but I’ll talk about that later. See ya (you will hear about that saying “see ya later” because I used to use “bye,” but it all changed in Costa Rica.

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