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Running Away Together for a Weekend

Posted by on September 20, 2014

The Pelindaba Lavender Farm, Friday Harbor, and a Mocha

Day 2


Pelindaba Lavender Farm

We woke up early (sort of) and enjoyed the morning sunrise view over the lavender fields. Pelindaba Lavender Farm is truly a beautiful and tranquil place. It is only 10 minutes outside of Friday Harbor at 45 Hawthorne Lane on San Juan Island. Being out of the town and tucked away on a private road, added to the tranquility. The stars the night before were amazingly bright! We could see the Milkyway and look for shooting stars. This morning was cool and clear with just a slight trace of mist rising off the ponds. The farm was peaceful. We could feel stress starting to melt away as we relaxed and soaked in the atmosphere.

lavender oil

Lavender Oil

Mish wanted to walk the lavender fields while the day was fresh and cool. The smell of lavender permeated the air. Mish immersed herself in the lavender flowers and soaked in the scent. Unique sculptures punctuated the fields at random points. Some of them were very artistic. I personally liked the silver whale tale that stuck out of the ground.

Pel Store Main
We casually strolled over to the gift shop and display garden. I never knew there were that many varieties of lavender! Mish really likes looking at all the different lavender themed gifts. You can buy lavender soap, lavender oil, lavender chocolate, lavender tea, lavender spray, lavender lotion, lavender jam, and lavender everything else. I was more interested in the lavender oil extraction process on display personally. At least that involved something manly, like tools and machines. After all the lavender, I was starting to feel my testosterone levels dropping.

As we were leaving, the very nice owner surprised us by giving us a bouquet of lavender for our anniversary. We placed it on the dashboard of my truck, so it now has nice lavender smell. I am sure the guys will appreciate it.

After we were thoroughly saturated with lavender, we headed into the town of Friday Harbor. This quaint little water front town has many unique coffee shops, restaurants, and stores. The first order of business was to find me my morning mocha. While Mish shopped around the local farmers’ market, I took the dog, Albie, in search of my morning fix. Albie was of no use sniffing out a coffee shop. He was more interested in people watching. Despite his hindrance, I got my mocha.

Meanwhile, Mish had bought some fresh bread at the farmer’s market for our pick-nick lunch later. So, both satisfied, we went on to explore Friday Harbor. The town is small, but has some fun places to visit. We window shopped and looked in some of the many art galleries. We decided to pass on renting a trike or mopeds and go scooting about the area. They look fun, and dangerous, but we were content to just meander around and enjoy walking. Plus, I do not think that Albie would have enjoyed hanging on to the back of one.

Friday Harbor can be seen in a couple of hours. Since the day was still young, we decided to head out and explore more of San Juan Island. More on that next week!


Tip: Definitely make reservation before going! Every place to stay books early out, especially in summer.

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