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Road Trip!

Posted by on April 21, 2014

Family travel on the open road again

2014-04-13 20.50.49

We decided to hit the open road in our RV while the boys were on spring break from school. All of us much needed a break from the daily routine. Like many families, we have a bad habit of falling into a rut and need a vacation now and then to pull out of it. For us, our RV is a great solution to being able to quickly and easily escape. The quintessential family road trip is a truly unique American experience. There is something very relaxing about just taking off with no real set agenda or even destination in mind. With an RV, we can meander our way around until we unfortunately need to head home.


With all of the great roads, parks, and destinations, North America is the perfect place for taking out the RV. Since I am a disabled veteran, I get us free entrance and camping in state and national parks, which is a bonus too. Luckily, our boys are both at the age where taking off in the RV with the family is still exciting and cool. They have many fond memories of family camping. Board games, camp fires with smores, grilling outside, and exploring new areas are all regular parts of the experience. Plus, they are experts now at setting up and taking down the RV. They have done it in all weather and in the dark!

For this excursion, we decided to seek warmer, sunnier weather by going south. Southern Oregon sounded like the perfect spot. We fueled up with gasoline and Starbucks coffee, hopped on Interstate 5, and headed south. We decided to make our first stop in Roseburg, Oregon. From Seattle, it is approximately six hours away. The drive is smooth and easy, which makes towing an RV very simple.


Roseburg is a small city in the middle of the Umpqua River Valley. This region is home to numerous award winning wineries (watch for a post dedicated to them). It is also the turn-off to Crater Lake National Park, one of the most majestic sights in the world. Just 15 miles south is the very cool Wildlife Safari (watch for an article and video about it). Another 40 miles south is the mysterious Oregon Vortex. Just 25 miles south of that is the Shakespearean town of Ashland. A beautiful two hour drive east of Roseburg is the fabulous Oregon coast. I will try to hit the highlights of our trip in this post, but keep coming back for future posts that discuss some of these amazing places in detail.

2014-04-13 20.50.58

Since Roseburg is in the middle of many exciting things to see, we decided to make this our base camp. We set up our temporary home in Twin Rivers RV Park. This lovely place was a hidden gem! Vickie, the owner and host keeps a very well-maintained park with many amenities, like a small camp store, propane filling, grassy playground areas, and full hook-ups. It is located right on the Umpqua River and borders River Forks County Park, where Umpqua and North Umpqua Rivers collide. The park also is walking distance to two wineries, a Southern Oregon University Exhibition Garden, and great fishing!


Our first day, we decided to stay at the park and relax after the long drive. The boys wanted to make straight for the park and river. The dog was really ready to sniff some new trees. My wife wanted to take a walk to stretch. So, I was left alone in a quiet RV to meditate (with my eyes closed flat on my back on the couch, after all I did all of the driving).

Elijah and elephant

The next morning, we got up early (by vacation time) so we could go to the Wildlife Safari. If you have been a loyal follower of TWS, then you know we are all animal lovers. We hit every zoo in every area we go. The Wildlife Safari did not disappoint. Next week we will post all about the fun we had and feeding a tiger and cheetah! Gotta love family traveling!!!

Stay tuned!

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