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During our travels, we have come across things that we think are so good or so bad that we want to share our experience with them here.

The Good:



Ok, this is the ultimate James Bond suitcase! The Trunkster has a built in scale so you can always accurately measure its weight (great for those over-picky airlines with weight limits), a USB charging port with battery that can charge your phone 9 times (no more aimlessly walking around airports looking for a free electrical outlet ans sitting on the floor), a GPS so you will always know exactly where your bag is (not the airlines ever lose them), and a roll-up zipperless door (total access). the folding handle and all-terrain wheels make it very easy to maneuver. Plus, it is rugged and durable.

We are always on the look out for new, innovative and better travel items. The Trunkster is definitely the next evolution on family travel bags. It is not just a gimmicky over-priced gadget. It really will make your traveling a little easier. Check it out!


guerrilla pack

We are an adventurous outdoors family. I was a Boy Scout, along with having prior military and search and rescue team experience, and both our boys have been Scouts since they were 7 year old Tigers in Cub Scouts. Now, Aaron is working towards Eagle Scout and Elijah is following right behind him. Needless to say, we are avid hikers and backpackers. Here in the beautiful Pacific Northwest there are a myriad of places to explore, from mountains, to forests, to waterways, to caves, to deserts and more. We go year round too! Consequently, we tend to be rough on equipment. Luckily, we get to see what equipment all the other scouts are using. Plus, we are always looking for new gear.

While shopping to replace a lost backpack, I came across an unfamiliar brand, Guerrilla Packs. I do not mind paying for good equipment, since we use and rely on it and like to keep it for as long as we can. I admit, however, I was looking to only spend a little on a new pack the time. The Guerrilla Asalto 2.0 drew my attention. It was well within my price range for a new pack at only $120.00 and it had all the features I was looking for. So, I took a chance and bought it.

Wow! We have been very impressed by it. The pack is bright orange too, which is great for being seen. Here are the details on the pack:
Backpack Features:

Inside laptop sleeve detaches and converts to shoulder bag
SBS mega duty zippers
Front loading (Front, Top, & Bottom Loading)
Shatter proof waist buckle
Light aluminum internal framing
Fully adjustable back strap system
Rain cover & water bottle holder
Supports H20 hydration system
Sleeping bag / wet clothes pocket
Fully adjustable to fit pretty much all body types/sizes (Men & Women).

My son has used the Asalto on several scout trips and it has held up flawlessly. The heavy duty double stitching, ultra-strong fabric, and quality materials have held their own in the wilderness. With a 70 L capacity, he has been able to take all the necessities and some more for a week long trek. He gives it an emphatic two thumbs up! We are now familiar with the brand and recommend it.




So far, this multi-purpose light is the best we  have found for traveling! It is called the Gorillatorch 100.

This description is from the manufacturer:

“This bright 100-lumen flashlight can be mounted virtually anywhere for hands-free illumination. The ultrabright Cree LED is 50% brighter than previous models. Integrated dimmer switch lets you conveniently adjust light levels. Flexible, articulated legs with grippy rubber rings wrap and hold onto tent poles, tree branches, picnic tables or grills. Magnetic feet also let you mount it on metal objects. Powered by three AA batteries, included.”

We have used these and found that they live up to the hype. They are rugged, light-weight, adaptable, and fun! You will find 1,000 uses for one: camping, dark hotel rooms when you want light and no one else does, inside or outside the car at night, and more. You can get them in various colors so each family member can have their own.



adventure duffle

Adventure Rolling Duffles by L.L. Bean

This is the only way to go! We have tried several different kinds of luggage over the years and travels, but they always fell apart eventually. Quickly, even the most expensive name brand luggage looked rough. Airlines, buses, and taxis give any luggage a beating. Most suitcases are meant for typical hotel travelers too, which means they really aren’t meant for dragging long distances or over rough terrain.

L.L. Bean made the Adventure Duffles to last. They can take abuse. They are also designed to be carried like a regular suitcase, rolled, or put on your back if needed. They go anywhere. They are even water resistant! Plus, they fold flat for easy storage, so they can fit under beds in cramped hotel rooms.

The other cool thing about them is that each member of the family can have their own color to distinguish whose is whose. Stylish, rugged, and affordable!

Prices & Sizes:

Adventure rolling duffle extra large (8,350 cubic inches) – $109.00

Adventure rolling duffle large (5,700 cubic inches) – $99.00

Adventure rolling duffle medium (2,024 cubic inches) – $49.00

Adventure rolling duffle small (1,152 cubic inches) – $35.00

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