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Remembering Costa Rica

Posted by on August 4, 2013

A Warm Winter

Elijah and coconut

I lived in Costa Rica for a year where every day it was warm and humid. It seemed to rain for five days straight every other week. There were lots of animals and plants that were beautiful and-or deadly. I lived in a guest house on a coffee and avocado farm. The spiders were immortal, you couldn’t kill them.

Coffee and Banana plants
On our farm, we had bulls just to scare away snakes and to graze  so the grass stayed short. There was one bull that kept escaping, so then one day there were hamburgers and no bad cow. Oscar was the farm worker who built the farm and only gets a small house and a smaller pay check. There are also horses that are trained to do everything but open the gate. Oscar also makes his own charcoal and he has huge pits filled with bags of it. The farm sells avocados so they have fields of avocados trees and we can eat as many as we want. We also had 3 vicious guard dogs that roamed the farm at night and would attack us if we were out at night. Their names were Pinky, Winky and Fluffy but, we called them Cujo.

elijah tucan
There were snakes and earth quakes and all sorts of insects, but the worst were the 8-legged creepy things. About 4 weeks into our stay we had our first tarantula. We were on the couch and my dad went into the bathroom and yelled. The thing was as big as my head and would not die. We hit it off the ceiling, hit it with a shoe, crushed it under a broom, wrapped it up in toilet paper and crushed it and it still lived! We had several spiders like this, but that was the worst. Oscar also had snakes he caught on the farm, which he kept in barrels. There was a vine snake, 2 jumping pit vipers and a coral snake. His father died from a snake bite, so he donated his “pets” to  the hospital to milk and make anti-venom from.

manuel antonio
In Costa Rica we had beautiful beaches and clear water. Also, every beach had a rain forest filled with sloths, monkeys, macaws and people selling the most beautiful homemade pottery. You could easily pick a ripe coconut (they have a green shell outside and inside  is the famous brown shell) and put hole in it to have a delicious snack and sweet drink. I once went to a beach and got a death wave. It’s a wave that will throw you (seriously) in the water then throw you back out. I got so many cuts from that. Then we went scuba diving and we saw octopi, sponges, eels and fish and looked into the deep blue abyss.

Land Rover on bridge

My dad bought a really cool fire red Series 3 Land Rover with a soft top, winch, snorkel, roll bar, and push bar. We went all over in it. We even went 4-bying on the beach and in the jungle. Unfortunately, we could not bring it back to the U.S. My mom did not like it because it kept breaking down. I liked it though because it could go anywhere.

Volcano Arenal

We went zip-lining and climbed a volcano! The best activity was horse back-riding in the forest. It was my first time riding a horse. At first it looked scary, but once I was on I loved it!

elijah zip line
The beaches were spectacular. The spiders were scary. The farm was comfy. The school was fantastic. Over all Costa Rica was perfect.



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