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Family Travel Taking on a Whole New Meaning

Posted by on February 17, 2014

Home is Where You Park It?


So, my wife, Mishele, has this crazy idea to buy a new RV and move into it full time! This makes family travel take on a whole new meaning. After we visited the Seattle RV Show last week (please see last week’s post), she has been bitten by the travel bug again. We have traveled all over Europe (but still want to go back) and part of Central America (I’m OK with not going back, but I do miss our friends there), but have missed large parts of North America.

We are very familiar with the west coast of the United States and Canada. However, We have only spent a little time in other places on the continent. We both lived and met in Pensacola, Florida, while I was stationed there with the Navy. Mishele is a southern girl, sort of (she grew up a Navy brat in bases over seas). She spent her high school years on the Gulf Coast of Mississippi and then went off to college in Alabama. I am a Yankee from New England. I went to high school in Connecticut and then college in Pennsylvania. Amazingly, we fell in love despite some serious geographical differences. Opposites attract I guess.

Once the Navy shipped me off to San Diego, California, I never looked back east. My 30 year high school reunion is closing fast. I have not been back that way since I graduated. I often have thought about showing our boys where I grew up, but have not had the chance. Also, I have not really explored that vast middle area of the country between the two coasts. We sailor types like to keep close to the ocean. So, maybe Mishele’s idea is not that crazy.

We have owned an RV for about 10 years. We started with a pop-up trailer, up-graded to a 5th wheel, and now have a travel trailer. We lived in our 5th wheel for 14 months while we were buying our house. I remember those days as a “full-timer” in our RV. We had some good and not so good times. Living in an RV is definitely an adjustment, especially coming from owning a house. When our boys were much younger, it was actually kind of fun, like an adventure. Now that they are in their teens, it sounds like a nightmare waiting to happen.

Her idea is to move into a new RV after our oldest, Aaron, goes off to university. Aaron is hoping to be the third generation of Navy in our family by applying to the U.S. Naval Academy at Annapolis (You would think he would have learned better after hearing his grandpa and father tell sea stories!). Actually, he would be 4th generation U.S. Armed Services. His great grandfather is buried in an American cemetery in France.

My wife’s thinking is that we will save a lot of money (true, which we will need for university if Aaron does not go to the academy, college is expensive), reduce our work load (true, I am burnt out on yard work – way over-rated), and allow us the mobility to take off on vacations to see the continent (also true, I get vacation time from work). Hmm… maybe.

Our youngest, Elijah, is all for this. He thinks living a nomadic life camping in state and national parks is about perfect. He is a serious nature boy in love with all things wild and untamed. The whole idea still has me a little nervous to be honest.

Don’t get me wrong. I love camping. After all, we are a die-hard Boy Scout family. I have graduated some tough military survival schools too. However, giving up the creature comforts of a solid non-moving home is a little daunting. Plus, having company over for dinner takes on a whole new meaning. No worries finding us, we’ll come to you! We can even go through the drive-through for dinner!

To humor her, and keep our options open I suppose, we are researching RV’s. Like I said, we are pretty familiar with them. I am amazed and impressed with the new luxuries, conveniences, and amenities in the new rigs. I will keep you posted.

Please let me know your ideas, thoughts, or insights. Anyone else doing this? Are we crazy or just out-side-the-box thinkers?

Here is a humorous article we found from another crazy (err… different) family doing it! We’re Doing This

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