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Collecting Memories

Posted by on December 1, 2012

The Big Book of Everything

Growing up, I was fortunate to be born into a Navy family. We moved around the world every four years. We moved from Cuba to Spain to Mississippi. Trust me, Mississippi was like a foreign country to me after being outside the U.S. for so long.  While we traveled, dad took the family pictures of our adventures, which are currently in the family album in MS. I collected postcards from everywhere I traveled and have them in a box in the basement …somewhere. I don’t have anything personal to remind me of all of my adventures, like running with the bulls in high heels…but that is another story.

When my husband and I started to travel with our boys, I started to collect small pieces of memorabilia. Things like brochures city maps, tickets and feathers were stuffed into my backpack as we traveled. When we got home, I would order pictures and sort the collection. I think my original thought was to create a beautiful scrapbook by spending hours agonizing over the perfect page layout. However, I would rather travel then spend 6 months scrapbooking about my adventures.

Now, I buy brightly colored paper and stickers to create memorable pages. I also type up captions to go with the pictures to remind the boys about something funny that happened. The end product is called The Big Book of Everything. Each boy has a 4-5” binder filled with a year’s worth of memories. They still drag them out often to refer to when telling a story. Each binder weighs 5 lbs and is bulky, so I recommend collecting stuff while you travel and putting the album together when you get home.

I originally started the Big Books of Everything with the boys in mind so they would have something to take with them when they start their own adventures. The truth is, I love to look at them as much as the boys. While we do have pictures of our trips online, it is the other ‘stuff’ that finds its way into the books that make them fun to look at over and over. On second thought, the boys can look at their pictures online…the books stay with me.

Mish (a.k.a. Mom)

Big Book of EverythingBig Book of Everything

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