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Say a Prayer for Nepal

Helping Hands One of the many benefits of modern technology is the closeness it has made in the world. Before the advent of the internet and television, disasters that struck in remote corners of the world went largely unheeded at home. While sitting comfortably in our living rooms, we did not think about the plight … Continue reading »

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Summer Camps

This summer has turned out to be the camping summer. We normally do everything together as a family, but as our boys get older we believe giving them some independence is also important. Plus, mom and dad like quiet time alone too. So, we agreed to send the boys to different camps this summer. They … Continue reading »

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Summer Reading or How to Prevent Brain Drain

Now that the traditional U.S. school year has ended, we begin the annual balancing act of entertaining our boys while trying to maintain a level of educational learning (or at least preventing the loss of everything they learned during the year). Both boys have at least four weeks of camps planned for the summer, including … Continue reading »

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Life is a Journey

This time two years ago, we were preparing to depart Costa Rica and head home to the United States. We were debating on taking another international teaching job in Addis Ababa, Ethiopia, Valencia, Spain, or Cartagena, Columbia, all great locations. Having choices is a double edged sword. I always am extremely thankful that through our … Continue reading »

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Deschooling Education

My youngest niece graduated from high school yesterday with plans to continue her education at the local community college. I am very proud of her accomplishment. This grand milestone leads me to ask a fundamental question about education. What are the tools a child needs to find success in education? There is a plethora of … Continue reading »

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To School or Not to School?

Today, we are off to see our oldest son, Aaron (15), compete in the county track championships here in western Washington. He is only a 10th grader, but on the varsity high school team. He runs a 4:38 mile and is hoping to break 10:00 minutes in the 2 mile. Yes, we are proud of … Continue reading »

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Is College Worth It?

What is a college education worth? That is the question many American students and parents are asking, including us. Our 15 year old, Aaron, is a sophomore in high school and starting to look at where he wants to attend university. Paying for him to go keeps us up at nights. When he graduates college, … Continue reading »

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