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A Dog Friendly Place

Posted by on June 17, 2014

People in Seattle really love their dogs!

Wheaton, Albie

Wheaton, Albie

We are finally back home after our too short family vacation in Oregon. This is the time of year we long for and why we put up with miserable weather for six months of the year. Everything is green, the birds have returned, and people slowly emerge from hibernation.

Spring in the Northwest typically means warmer weather and rain, compared to winter which is cold and rain. This March is a particularly wet month, with over 9 inches of rain. Our yearly rain fall in Seattle is 37 inches, however, much of it is in the form of drizzle. March marks the return of a Northwest phenomenon known as a sun break. Sun breaks are when the sun appears for a few minutes before disappearing behind the clouds. As a Northwestern, I often plan my day around potential sun breaks. When someone asks me how I am, I tend to report the weather as a reply:

“How are you, Mishele?”

“Great, I was outside during a 4 minute sun break!”

Last Friday, we experienced a rare treat of a sun break during a rain storm producing a brilliant double rainbow. As a science teacher, I know how rainbows are formed, but I am still in awe when I see one.


Today, we had a few hours of sunshine with 50 degree weather to enjoy. Aaron and I along with Albie, our Soft Coated Wheaton Terrier, headed out to enjoy the sun. Not far from our house is Marymoor Park, a nature reserve and a very large dog park along the river. From the 60+ dogs there, many people had the same idea. The 40 acre dog park is the largest I have been to and a favorite of Albie’s. There is a path along the river with access to the water for those adventurous dogs that actually fetch tennis balls in the water. Albie has the philosophy of not fetching the ball because I clearly threw it away because I didn’t want it. He does, however, enjoy watching those other silly dogs who do fetch.

Tip: Always carry extra doggie bags as the park tends to run out of bags quickly.


As a dog lover, I enjoy watching and meeting dogs of all different sizes and shapes. There were two mastiffs and a sheepdog along with a teacup Chihuahua, who seemed to get lost in the grass. The park has multiple fields for those silly dogs that fetch items their owners throw away. Albie was so overwhelmed by the number of dogs who came up to play that we decided to take a walk in the bird sanctuary, where dogs are welcomed on leash. This trail was peaceful and informative with many educational markers about the wet lands and local plants. We walked out on the dock to enjoy the view of Lake Sammamish and Tiger Mountain. In the trees, Great Blue Herons were tending their nest. How many Great Blue Herons can you spot in the tree below? Marymoor Park is a great place to bird watch as well as dog and people watch.


Tip: Check your pockets before you leave to make sure that you have thrown away all used doggie bags. This one is from experience. There are not always trash bins close by on the trail.

Albie and I met up with Aaron, who decided to go running. Instead of running on the trails outside of the dog park, Aaron ran with all of the dogs. He said he was chased a few times and even was nipped on the bottom, which is amazing because he is pretty fast. After romping in the water and mud, the dog wash station is a welcome sight before heading home. Albie enjoyed a warm bath and is now sound asleep on the couch dreaming of his next adventure. Family traveling just wears him out!

Tip: Bring a towel for the back seat of the car if you skip the Doggies Wash. The trail is very muddy for most of the year.


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