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Monthly Archives: March 2013

The Emerald Isle!

I have wanted to go to Ireland since I was a wee lad. Both of my parents’ families are of Irish descent, so I naturally I am too. The draw to see the “homeland” was irresistible. We dared to travel on Ryan Air again. I figured since it is an Irish owned airline, it was … Continue reading »

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Washington D.C.

THE Capital The capital of a country says much about the nation. It is the actual and symbolic seat of power of the government. The capital is also the showcase to the world of the nation’s prestige, history, and culture. All capitals share in common the burden of being the ambassador of their country. We … Continue reading »

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Adventures in Italy

4 Italian Cities by Plain and Train One of our big trips while living in England was going to Italy. Italy holds a certain fascination with Americans. The long history dating back to the Roman Empire, the scrumptiously fine cuisine, the hand-made designer fashions, and the beautiful landscapes draw us in like flies to honey. … Continue reading »

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Two Costa Ricas

Two different views of the same river Most people talk and write about Costa Rica from the typical vacationing tourist perspective. The rainforests are amazing, the zip-lining is cool, the beaches are wonderful, and the volcanoes are awesome. Visitors tend to treat Costa Rica as a tropical get-away. It is a place where nature is … Continue reading »

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Problems with the Dog

WANTED: BY THE BRITISH FOR WRONG PAPERS More Adventures with the dog We decided to leave Europe finally for the beautiful tropical beaches and rainforests of Costa Rica. Before we left, however, our oldest son, Aaron, really wanted to see his friend (girl type) in England one last time. So, we planned a trip across … Continue reading »

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