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Monthly Archives: December 2012

Medical Systems Abroad

  Hospitals around the world In the United States there seems to be a perpetuated myth that other countries have free health care. Somewhere, some people have it better than us. We want something for nothing too. If they can have it, then why can’t we? The problem with this myth is that it is … Continue reading »

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Safety Abroad

Let’s look at some facts… One of the concerns that many people ask us about as we travel is safety, especially regarding children. Without launching into a pointless political debate, allow me to throw out some startling statistics. The bad: According to a 2013 Washington Post study, “The United States has the highest gun ownership … Continue reading »

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Collecting Memories

The Big Book of Everything Growing up, I was fortunate to be born into a Navy family. We moved around the world every four years. We moved from Cuba to Spain to Mississippi. Trust me, Mississippi was like a foreign country to me after being outside the U.S. for so long.  While we traveled, dad … Continue reading »

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